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Joining Terminal
The first stop on your Urbit journey
Once you have successfully launched your ship into Urbit for the first time, you will be greeted by the Landscape interface. It should look something like this.
Click on Groups
This will open the main social interface of Urbit called Groups.
Click Join Group.
In the popup dialog box, type in the following command as shown in the image below ~lanlyd/terminal
You can tick the two boxes to join all channels and share your identity if you would like.
Once the join completes, you will now see the newly added Terminal group on your Groups interface. Click to open the Terminal group.
This will open the Terminal group interface. On the left, you can see the various channels that we currently have to offer.
Select the Chatbot channel to get started.
In the chat, type !hi to say hello to the chatbot and start exploring the new world of Urbit.
Welcome to Terminal. Welcome to Urbit.
Last modified 7mo ago
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